Ted F. Dahlstrom, Editor

​I'm a life-long sports fan living in Seattle. My favorite sports teams are all the Seattle-based teams (Kraken (coming in 2021), Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders), Gonzaga basketball, Univ. of Montana football, and the Washington Capitals because Seattle doesn't have an NHL team (yet) and I used to live in Washington, DC. The third-best day of my life, after the birth of my son and my wedding day, was February 2, 2014, the day the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. 

For over 10 years I wrote an NFL-related email to my friends called The NFL Report. After beginning a graduate program in Communication at Gonzaga University in 2017, I decided it was time to bring my NFL- and sports-related insights to a larger audience and created Ted's One-Pager.

The goal of the One-Pager is to provide insight and musings on the NFL and other sports along with whatever else interests me. I call it Ted's One-Pager, based on the ability of people in Washington, DC, where I used to live and work, to distill the most complicated issues into a one-page memo. 

Reading the One-Pager will provide with you with a "one-page" digest of relevant NFL and sports insights so that you quickly know which teams are good (and why) and which are the Jets.

I hope you enjoy my posts. Comments are encouraged.